Equipment Series

Screen Stretcher WSG-1215

The net range can be reduced to 50*50cm to the limit of the model itself.
The flat chuck device is equipped with screws to adjust the pressure to ensure that the net sand does not slip off.
Suitable for high-strength requirements to open the net, the strength can reach 24 Newton/c?

Coating Machine WSE-1012

Infrared Drying Machine WIR-600

Flame Surface Treatment Machine WFT-25

The product processed by this machine has stronger ink adhesion. Flame treatment is suitable for the surface treatment of plastic containers. The principle is to decontaminate the plastic surface through high temperature and melt the film surface to improve the adhesion of the surface to the ink.

  1. 1 The flame treatment machine is equipped with a universal cone support, which can meet the requirements of general bottle mouths, and special sizes can be equipped.
  1. 2 The conveying part of the conveyor belt adopts a micro speed regulating motor, and the speed is adjusted by stepless speed regulation to meet the different requirements of different workpieces.
  1. 3 The design of the flame nozzle and the confluencer is advanced and unique, and the fuel utilization efficiency is high.
  1. 4 The flame treatment machine has novel structure, reasonable design, convenient operation, movable casters at the bottom, and convenient movement.

Applicable flame surface treatment machine is suitable for flame surface treatment of plastic products of different
shapes such as PP, PE, PET, PVC; such as buckets, beakers, milk bottles, cans, etc...

UV Curing Machine WUV-600

Exposure Machine WSS-400

The volume is small, the function is comprehensive with vacuum suction. Exposure time control, easy to carry

Printing Industries: 

Ink, Printing Machine, Printing Auxiliaries

Plastic Industries:

Plastic Packaging Machine, Tube Machine, Others