AKEI Linear

Machine Features

Since 1992, when Akei developed the first prototype of this Series, and after continuous design and technological improvements we are proud to announce and celebrate the proven efficiency and ongoing success this Series has remarkably accumulated until the present date. Intended for high production output, uninterrupted production schedules, operator friendly access, energy saving features, noise pollution control and relatively easy maintenance such criteria can only be materialized with a perfect mixture of innovative design, imported components of the highest quality, materials of the purest blend, experienced craftsmanship and a rigorous quality assurance process of the highest standards.

Akei is globally recognized and accepted as one of the leading brands in the Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM) industry. While the performance of the Linear Series machines is comparable to its counterparts in those well-developed countries the clear advantage can be found in ROI due to the fact AKEI's machines are reasonably priced. Due to this reason alone AKEI continues to be regarded as “top choice” for EBM projects by multinational companies around the globe.

LIN-70-TS (LIN-70A-TS)
With a fast dry cycle, this compact model features a rigid frame and a linear moving carriage and clamping stroke on Rexrath guide ails.Ir is widely used in the lubricant, dairy and traditional household product Industryforcontainers ranging from 4 to 5liter in single head, 1 to 2liter in double head, 500 to 1000 milliliter in triple head, 200 to 500 milliliter in quad head, and 100 to 200 milliliter in six-way head configuration. This highly capable model is an excellent choice for economical production

Machine movements are precisely regulated by means of proportional valves; a 100+ point parison control cylinder with LVDT allows the operator to adjust products' weight in order to minimize wasted material. These and many other features are easily accessible and controlled by the operator from a touch screen industrial computer system which offers real time fee dbacks. This model has an impressive dry cycle of 3.2 seconds on a 600mm horizontal transfer stroke. Customers have the option to upgrade to an energy saving hydraulic system or remain with the standard configuration. This model is ideal for production of SL bottles at 2+2 cavities

The main features which differentiate this model from the previous are its increased horizontal transfer stroke to 700mm as extruder unit equipped with a 100mm screw. These features allow for higher outputs than the previous model as the head can be configured to accommodate more cavities for similar products

The highlights of this model are a horizontal transfer stroke of 900- and a superior clamping force of 32 tons (160 BAR). Like all other models, it is also possible to upgrade to multi-layer configuration as it is only requested from multinational companies of the Motor Oil Industry for the production of 5L jerry cans. Alternati ely, those multinational ompanies which cater to the body care and household market prefer this model in order to maximize production output of their products ranging from 300m1 to 500m1

The newly developed 1.1N-10011-T5 model is characterized by its 1,250 mm carriage transfer stroke and unique extrusion head design. This model is the perfect solution for maximizing the output of a any particular product

This achin s built to meet the requirements of industrial containers production in a fully automatic fashion. Clamp force, platen opening and carriage transfer stroke are designed to produce stack, ble or standard ferry cans ranging from 10L to25Linvolume.

Control System

  • Beckhoff® total control system.
  • 15 inch color Touch Screen plus soft keys at bottom of panel.
  • Using industrial Ethercat to manage I/O making it flexible to expand.
  • All machine movements are step-less adjustable via total control system.
  • 100+ point parison control cylinder with TRANS-TEK® LVDT and REXROTH® servovalve.
  • Integrated heating, heat standby control and temperature alarms.
  • Integrated pre-heat settings.
  • Display of proportional settings, time settings, movements’ status and more.
  • Display and breakdown of total production cycle time.
  • Automatic control of hydraulic temperature.
  • Display of provision alarms, alarm diagnostic, alarm logs, and alarm history.
  • Display all I/O status.
  • Alarm log with possible cause of error indicated.
  • Multiple security levels accessible by password only.
  • Input/output and temperature control points can be infinitely extended.
  • Real-time display of machine’s power consumption (upgrade required/non-standard feature).

Clamps & Carriages

  • Clamping force is applied to center of platens for proper force distribution.
  • All clamp and carriage movements are on Rexroth® T-rail and slide bearings.
  • Touchless transducers minimizing wear and friction, prolonging reliability and stability.
  • Clamp equipped with synchronizing rack mechanism to ensure smooth runs on mold opening/closing sequences.
  • Standard quick mold change features included.
  • Multiple options of parison cutting system: hot or cold with pre-pinch welding, hot blade or "jab" system.

Extrusion Head Unit

  • Head(s) can be configured with up to 10 parisons depending on size of container and machine model.
  • Optionally head(s) can be configured with "view stripe" function and multi layer co-extrusion.
  • Advanced central feed extrusion, optimal flow channel design which results in faster color-change.
  • 100+ point parison control cylinder with TRANS-TEK® LVDT which allows for accurate control of parisons wall distribution (weight).
  • 3 point front parison adjustment control.
  • Equipped with static bar.
  • Multiple heating zones evenly distributed throughout unit in order to efficiently maximize plasticizing capacity and avoid material deformation at this critical stage of the extrusion process.
  • Heating zones' cables are routed to an independent cabinet via multi pin-plug sockets to minimize extrusion head changeover time.
  • Extrusion head is made from bimetal 38CrMoAIA and stainless steel S136H. It is manufactured into shape inhouse at high precision CNC center in order to ensure highest quality and performance of this part.

Extruder Unit

  • Equipped with Fuji® inverter (VFD) and SEW-EURODRIVE® parallel shaft helical gear motor. These components ensure the most efficient configuration which results in longevity of equipment, accuracy during extrusion process and easy access during maintenance process.
  • The extruder barrel is made from 42CrMo steel alloy and its inner wall treated with powdered alloy casting. The extruder screw is also made from 42CrMo steel alloy and its surface is chrome plated while the ridges are treated with sprayed nickel alloy. The extruder screw design has been developed in order to maximize plasticizing volume and ensure uniform mix during melting process.
  • Multiple heat zones and cooling fans allow independent heating and cooling. Precision control of heating with PID and PWM precision temperature control modules for centralized heating control.
  • Throat feed zone equipped with water cooling system in order to prevent overheating.
  • Equipped with screw ejecting device for easy screw dissembling.
  • Back pressure gauge located on extruder unit flange as an enhanced safety feature (upgrade required/non-standard feature).
  • Rear-platform lift slightly increases production output as well as provides more height clearance for adjusting head.

Blowpin Stations

  • Blowpin movements are actuated by Vickers® proportional hydraulic valves. (Feature not included on LIN-70A-TS model).
  • Stations are equipped with an interchangeable "T" plate, fitted with three-point-adjustable blowpin holder for ease of centering as well as adjustable for angled neck production and watercooled, double-wall design blowpins for rapid venting.
  • Norgren® three-stage pneumatic quick exhaust valves. ï¼ï¿½ not available on LIN-70A-TS model).

Hydraulic Components

  • Hydraulic driven – A choice of servo motor with accessory drive and inner gear pumps or asynchronous motor driven Vickers® variable pump. Central Hydraulic System: standard (Vickers® variable pump actuated by AC motor) or energy saving (inner gear pumps actuated by servo motor Eckerle®/Voith®).
  • Vickers® proportional valves and double vane pump. Accumulator tanks by NACOL®.
  • KAMUI FS® water-cooled heat exchanger in order to maintain hydraulic oil at optimal working temperatures.
  • All hydraulic movements are actuated with closed-loop proportional system. ( except LIN-70A-TS) All movements are actuated with proportional valves. (not available on LIN-70A-TS ).
  • Optional safety gates with hydraulic safety control. Safety gates are equipped with hydraulic, pneumatic and electric shut off valves in case they are opened during machine operation to prevent unwanted accidents.
  • Optional hydraulic oil pre-heat and oil temperature reader.
  • Hydraulic oil reservoir equipped with liquid level gauge.
  • Independent hydraulic power pack unit for 100+ point parison control cylinder (servo motor).

Oriented Discharge

  • Robot arms configured according to products' requirements (pneumatic or servo driven). LIN- 70A-TS model configured with pneumatic robot arms only.
  • Robot arms deliver containers to each side of the machine, ready to place them standing up on a conveyor.
  • Pneumatic robot arms actuated by Festo® cylinders and regulated by solenoid directional valves.
  • Servo driven robot arms travel on Rexroth® rails and bearings and deliver product between front and rear section of machine. An excellent upgrade if limited floor space is available or when product requires in-mold labeling.


  • Deflash movements actuated by proportional hydraulic valves for precise adjustment and reduced energy consumption. ( not available on LIN-70A-TS ).
  • Post cooling of products' top and tail scraps prior to punch off.
  • Post-cooling stations equipped with circulating air and water blowpins (optional).

Pneumatic Components

  • Independent Dwyer® gauges for flow adjustment of parison support air, parison decompression, blow air, scrapcooling air and post-cooling air.
  • FESTO® pneumatic controls.
  • FESTO® or SMC® cylinders.

Electrical Components

  • GE Fuji® VFD.
  • Schneider® AC contactor and thermal overload protection relays.
  • ABB® circuit breakers.
  • Electrical cabinet equipped with cooling fans to regulate temperature. Optionally air conditioner unit can be installed for improved cooling.
  • Carlo GAVAZZI® solid state and auxiliary relays.
  • MingWei® DC power supply.

Conveyor System

  • Wrap around conveyor to deliver finished bottles in a single lane to either side of machine.
  • Top and tail scrap is collected via a horizontal conveyor then transferred to a second inclined conveyor for easy collection or into an in line grinder.
  • Metal detector device placed on scrap conveyor (optional).
  • Alternative gripper-type conveyor can be supplied for products with uneven bases or in cases where the finished product must be transported to a higher level area (optional).


  • Automatic lubrication regulated by Total Control System.


  • All coated parts are shot-blasted before paint application or anodizing. Texture paint is applied for machine framework and large parts. Whenever possible, mechanical parts are anodized for improved corrosion resistance.
  • Increased Visibility: LED light panels are distributed throughout the front and rear sections of the machine in order to maximize visibility for the operator during actual production and/or maintenance procedures.
  • Spin trimmer, leak tester, orientation device, in-mold labeling, packing robots and any other ancillary equipment necessary for a turn-key operation are available upon request.
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Ink, Printing Machine, Printing Auxiliaries

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