Slip / Anti-block Masterbatches
Adhesion effect: LDPE and LLD PE films often have the tendency of adhere to themselves and to metal during processing. In other words, they tempt to have high co-efficiency of friction. This is solved by slip agent

Slip / Anti-block Masterbatches
Blocking effect: LDPE and LLD PE films, especially high gloss films tend to block when the winding tension is too high, cooling of the film is insufficient, static charge is created during processing, corona film surface treatment is too high, .. .etc. This is solved by anti-blocking agent.

Slip / Anti-blocking Masterbatches

Anti-Static Masterbatches 

Plastics are electrically balanced - in the worlds, they commonly contain equal number of positive and negative charges. New Technology, wich allows faster production speeds, can induce static charges through friction. The level of charges depends on material type, speed of contact and separation, humidity and several other factors. Anti-Static Masterbatch is also being used for dust repelling effect of bottles and sheets.   

Anti-Static Masterbatches

Polymer Processing Aid (PPA) Masterbatches

Anti-oxidant Masterbatches
Plastics generally ages rapidly under the effects of heat, light and oxygen. This leading to loss of strength, stiffness of flexibility, discoloration, scratching and loss of gloss. The OnCap™ Anti-oxidant Masterbatch is designed to prevent the degradation during processing.
Consequence of degradation
4- Change in MI / MFR
Cross linking, gel formation
4 Change in appearances
Discoloration / Higher YI
Loss of gloss / transparency
Chalking and surface cracking
4- Loss of mechanical properties
Loss of impact strength
Loss of elongation and tensile strength


Anti-Oxidant Masterbatches

Cleaning Compound
OnCap™ Cleaning Compound is specifically formulated to handle tough cleaning to remove Burnt Resin + Pigment residues. Typical Screw & Barrel cleaning are a tedious task to clean along grooves and crevices and a Purging Compound with the right chemistry + scrubbing action is best to handle such condition.
1. Mechanical cleaning by high shear force and gentle
scrubbing of internal machinery parts without causing
excessive wear.
2. Act as a solution for cleaning all organic matters such as
burnt pigment residues, decomposed resin....
3. Save machine down time and other cleaning material.
4. High thermal stability without degrading when kept in the
machine during long time at elevated temperature
5. Sufficient flow property to pass through die gaps or
nozzles to avoid disassembly of tools
6. Reusable multiple times until it is saturated.

How to apply the Cleaning Compound
1. Empty the barrel of the extruder.
2. Set the temperature on the machine and tools at approximately 185°C.
3. Run OnCap™ Cleaning Compound until it has filled up all internal parts of the machine and the tools. Then stop the machine.
4. Allow the machine to stand still under heat for approximately 15-30 minutes in order to allow the active ingredients in the OnCap™ Cleaning Compound to penetrate and dissolve all contaminations / residues.
5. Start the machine again at lower rpm and slowly purge out the OnCap™ Cleaning Compound.
6. Reset the temperature to its normal temperature setting.
7. Purge out the remaining OnCap™ Cleaning Compound immediately from the equipment with the virgin resin that will be used for the next process.
8. The OnCap™ Cleaning Compound could be collected and regrind in conventional grinder for reuse until saturated.
For cleaning heavy contaminations, we recommend to repeat step 1 - step 4 before proceeding to step 5.

Cleaning Compound

Anti-Moisture Masterbatches
OnCap™ PE Anti-Moisture Masterbatch is known as plastic desiccant masterbatch for recycle raw material. OnCap™ PE Anti-Moisture is a new functional masterbatch designed to resolve the moisture generated during the plastic products processing which uses the recycle Polyolefin materials.

Chain Extender Masterbatches
Chain Extender Masterbatch is formulated with active ingredient that helps to modify and control the viscosity of engineering thermoplastics with improved balance of mechanical, thermal and optical properties.

Printing Industries: 

Ink, Printing Machine, Printing Auxiliaries

Plastic Industries:

Plastic Packaging Machine, Tube Machine, Others